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Adopt an Oak Tree


The Holidays are approaching, and we may be looking for that perfect gift to share with our loved ones. Something that will light them up and inspire them in the year ahead.

As part of our community, you already know about the benefits to human health from spending time in nature. We become calmer, our heart rate slows down, our immune system is strengthened, our focus is clearer, and our mind sharper……

And you have also likely experienced the feeling of reciprocity that bursts forth from our hearts with gratitude when we experience a deeply embodied connection with the more than human world around us.

When we feel this sense of reciprocity, we want to care for the earth, and protect the forests, and nurture our relationship with actions that represent what is in our heart.

GIFT is inviting you to help us PLANT A GROVE of Oak trees, and help GIFT grow as strong as an Oak at the same time!

Oaks are the quintessential nature connectors, ready to help rebuild ecosystems, sequester carbon for thousands of years, and help out in our neighbourhoods by shading our houses, while preventing flooding and soil erosion. Further, oaks are the only deciduous trees that emit Phytoncides, which are pinene aerosols that act as airborne tree medicines that have a soothing, calming effect on people.

Did you know that there are approximately 500 species of Oak? 

Oak trees can be found in the Americas, Asia, Europe and North Africa. North America has the largest number of Oak species, with approximately 160 species in Mexico, and 90 in Canada/US. The second greatest diversity of oak is in China, with approximately 100 species!

Many species of Oak are under threat of extinction, and oak habitat is lost to land use changes and unsustainable harvesting.

How can you help?

GIFT is planting 300 Red Oak Trees with your help!

Ben has collected, planted the acorns, and nurtured these young Red Oak seedlings for over a year now (watch the video below for the full story!) and they will be planted in spring 2023 in partnership with ReForest London, a fellow not for profit who helps plant and care for trees in the Forest City.

Watch Ben’s amazing Video HERE!

In addition to planting an Oak forest……this is also a Fundraiser for GIFT!

As a not for profit training organization, we do our best to keep our prices low and the quality of our training and student support high…..but the pandemic has certainly been hard on us, and we need your help.

With each Oak Tree you Adopt, you will be:

  • Helping to plant an Oak forest for future generations

  • Supporting GIFT to grow as strong as an Oak,….so we can support YOU and our growing community of Guides

And for each $150 Oak adoption/donation to GIFT you will receive this beautiful 6″ x 3″ clear waterproof sticker for your water bottle, computer, car etc to share your love of the mighty Oak and celebrate your donation to GIFT! (photo not to size/scale) celebrating some of the many species of Oak.

(from left to right): White Oak, Red Oak, Burr Oak, Chestnut Oak, Gary Oak


And for $450, adopt THREE Oaks, and increase your donation to GIFT and receive a sticker and this EXCLUSIVE t-shirt with the Adopt and Oak logo on it! Choose your size, and rock this exclusive design!

These items are NOT FOR SALE/ will never be for sale, and exclusively only available to those who participate in our Adopt and Oak Fundraiser!

Share this gift with your loved ones and help them learn about the role of the majestic Oak, show your appreciation and commitment to protecting forest diversity, and invite the opportunity to talk about the important work you do as a Certified Forest Therapy Guide.

And,….if you order before Dec 23rd, we will send you a Certificate with photos that you can wrap as your ‘paying it forward’ Christmas Gift! (the actual t-shirt and sticker we will pop in the mail right away, but can’t guarantee they will arrive in time for Christmas,…..but will arrive asap).

Thank you for all you contribute to this community, to this growing field, and to the protection of forest biodiversity.

The GIFT Team

*Important Note. Though we are a hard-working Not for Profit organization, we are not a charity and therefore cannot issue tax receipts. A sales receipt with our thanks and your Adopt and Oak sticker will be sent with each purchase.